Embracing your Inner Child

Taken with Yashica EZ Mate

Hi everybody, welcome to a new post. Let’s get started. If you didn’t know this before, I’m an only child. It has many perks, its ups, and its downs, but after 23 years, enjoying my own company has never been an issue. Honestly, I do love surrounding myself with great people, go out, but I’ve also learned how to make peace with solitude. I get to be wild with my own imagination and be exposed to a lot of interests. On the other side, people have a lot of assumptions about you. That you’re selfish, a loner, and that you don’t like to share, the spoiled, spotless crown of the family which I’m all okay with (or successfully ignored), really. Now (thanks to my current studies) I understand how stereotypes […]

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What I Know About Graduate School, So Far

Going into graduate school, I never knew how important analytical reading is until now. For my bachelor’s, I’ve had the incredible blessing to study what I loved, which was literature. There was joy in realizing the power of stories, from Shakespeare, Miller to Orwell, I experienced nothing but a thrill in getting deeper into all sides of human nature. Right at its moments of pleasure, bliss, contentment and greed, jealousy as well as self-fulfillment. Furthermore, it allowed me to not just look at the pages in wonder but to peel every word to see what they actually entail which made me be more analytical. So, it gave strong grounds for me to know what I wanted to study next which was cultural studies. Sure, I was initially drawn to this […]

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On Friends

So recently, I met one of my best friends, Briana. Now we’ve been there for each other since day one – of university life, that is. It was the time where we were about to discover who we really are and who we wanted to be in the future – even if it still seems a little bit uncertain up til’ now. And that’s okay, really. It was during our faculty orientation, and we were all seated in a line. She stood out with her short bob and that tomboy gait so I decided to talk to her. From one casual ‘hi!” we ended up having so many things in common such as our addiction to Pretty Little Liars (come on, I know it was a series you couldn’t get enough […]

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