Embracing your Inner Child

Taken with Yashica EZ Mate

Hi everybody, welcome to a new post. Let’s get started. If you didn’t know this before, I’m an only child. It has many perks, its ups, and its downs, but after 23 years, enjoying my own company has never been an issue. Honestly, I do love surrounding myself with great people, go out, but I’ve also learned how to make peace with solitude. I get to be wild with my own imagination and be exposed to a lot of interests. On the other side, people have a lot of assumptions about you. That you’re selfish, a loner, and that you don’t like to share, the spoiled, spotless crown of the family which I’m all okay with (or successfully ignored), really. Now (thanks to my current studies) I understand how stereotypes […]

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Nothing Wrong with Male Involvement

As I checked the news feed of one of Indonesia’s leading English language newspaper, I’m once again informed of another case of sexual violence, that happened in our busy metropolitan. This just goes on to show that no matter how societies are advancing, some of its citizens still are paying the prize of a patriarchal mindset. Women. According to the report by Indonesia’s National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan), 35 women experience sexual violence in whatever form it takes, or three women in every three hours. Of course, this is absolutely concerning to me and I see that a lot of legal reform must be done to tackle this issue. However, the article stated that the man responsible has been detained and could be charged under Indonesia’s Criminal Code, […]

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Women and Men in the Media: Both Are Susceptible to Sexism

Several weeks ago, I came across a headline from Indonesia’s leading English language newspaper that I had the wonderful opportunity of interning in as a Features reporter. That opinion piece talks of a recently registered candidate for DKI Jakarta’s gubernatorial election coming up in February 2017, Agus Yudhoyono. The son of our former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and a retired army major. Okay, I am not a native Jakartan, at least on my ID anyway. Yes, I technically don’t acquire the legalities to vote, and why should I care? But that’s missing the point. Despite of it being an opinion piece, I once again am baffled by a careless subjugation of women in the media which agitates me to think that said newspaper could have run that headline by the […]

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