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Hi everyone! Apologies that I’ve been missing in action lately. As you know, I was in Manado with my dad and his family a few weeks ago. That was a much-needed catch-up and I was so pleased that it went really well, that everything was cleared up to make room for peace and so much more. After that, classes and assignments are starting to really gain traction. However, I’m happy for the change of speed because that means a Master’s degree is clearly underway and is THAT much closer with passing time. Another, well perhaps not so important update is that I gained a little bit of weight! So I’d just like to blab on a little bit about it because I mean, that’s why I started a blog honestly, haha. […]

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Cozying down with Kopi Seduh

When did I start loving coffee? Well, ever since university really back in Yogyakarta. Despite all that you’re seeing today, the coffee culture was already pretty strong there, particularly strong because Yogyakarta was literally called the student city. There are more schools and universities that your fingers and toes can count, which means there’s a constant flow of students and their demanding assignments to be done. As a result, a good cup of joe made the one good accompaniment to keep themselves sane through all the deadlines. It was around 2012 and 2013 back then, but Jogja already so tastefully catered to our desperate needs to stay motivated and awake while working on our tasks! There were so many chains, from cozy, cutesy cafes to rustic joints with an unbelievably wide […]

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On Jamu and Coconut Shells

I flipped through my photos and found the one above that made me smile. Here’s a lady who sells jamu, a traditional Indonesian herbal drink believed to treat all kinds of ailments. I myself am an avid kunyit asem enthusiast, a jamu with the perfect combination of turmeric and tamarind, to which she made with a huge kick that woke me up! It gave me the strength that morning to walk for around 5 kilometers around Malioboro and Kraton in Jogja without feeling anything close to tired. Goodness,

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