Embracing your Inner Child

Taken with Yashica EZ Mate

Hi everybody, welcome to a new post. Let’s get started. If you didn’t know this before, I’m an only child. It has many perks, its ups, and its downs, but after 23 years, enjoying my own company has never been an issue. Honestly, I do love surrounding myself with great people, go out, but I’ve also learned how to make peace with solitude. I get to be wild with my own imagination and be exposed to a lot of interests. On the other side, people have a lot of assumptions about you. That you’re selfish, a loner, and that you don’t like to share, the spoiled, spotless crown of the family which I’m all okay with (or successfully ignored), really. Now (thanks to my current studies) I understand how stereotypes […]

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On Jamu and Coconut Shells

I flipped through my photos and found the one above that made me smile. Here’s a lady who sells jamu, a traditional Indonesian herbal drink believed to treat all kinds of ailments. I myself am an avid kunyit asem enthusiast, a jamu with the perfect combination of turmeric and tamarind, to which she made with a huge kick that woke me up! It gave me the strength that morning to walk for around 5 kilometers around Malioboro and Kraton in Jogja without feeling anything close to tired. Goodness,

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The Kick of Sambal

When it comes to sambal, I will eternally adore my sambal bawang, even if the scent of garlic lingers in my mouth for a whole day. Still, a Manadonese dabu-dabu is still pretty high up on the list. It wonderfully consists of the usual chopped chili peppers and shallots. However, that distinguished tang is embodied by red and green tomatoes, salt, sugar and lemon or calamansi juice that differentiates dabu-dabu from the myriad of sambals in the country.

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