What I Know About Graduate School, So Far

Going into graduate school, I never knew how important analytical reading is until now. For my bachelor’s, I’ve had the incredible blessing to study what I loved, which was literature. There was joy in realizing the power of stories, from Shakespeare, Miller to Orwell, I experienced nothing but a thrill in getting deeper into all sides of human nature. Right at its moments of pleasure, bliss, contentment and greed, jealousy as well as self-fulfillment. Furthermore, it allowed me to not just look at the pages in wonder but to peel every word to see what they actually entail which made me be more analytical. So, it gave strong grounds for me to know what I wanted to study next which was cultural studies. Sure, I was initially drawn to this […]

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The Moment

Taken with Fujifilm Qcam Film: Agfavista 400

Singapore. How it held too many memories. Back in the day it was a place my parents and I frequented and I’d always become so excited to go there, even if it was simply enjoying all the duty-free chocolates I wanted at the airport. This time, I came back to visit my cousin who’s working there at the general hospital and it’s been ages since we’ve all bonded. I was back, from the sugar-craving little kid (part of me still is) – from the girl who basically ran around the airport looking for the latest book in the Twilight saga, to a 23-year-old who’s now trying to build a life for herself. Yes, I still am that girl, and I don’t think we ever fully stop building. There will be more […]

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A New Chapter: The Postgrad Life!

When one door closes, another one has opened up new opportunities for me, such as pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Universitas Indonesia. Yes, I’ve decided that I’m so ready to go back to school and be a full-time student. Now, would I have liked to continue working? Of course. But really, when is ever “the right time” to do something? If you feel a new opportunity coming along, I say go for it. Is this scaring me? Oh you bet it does. There have been one too many accounts of me doubting myself; that I could even finish a Master’s within 2 years, that I could somehow change the world with only my love for literature. Then, I came across this video of Will Smith (yes) talking […]

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