Here’s To 2018

As we are approaching the end of December, it might be the time for some to list down resolutions which consist of what aspects of our lives need 365 more days to improve. But on the contrary, I’d like to take a little time to reflect because nowadays I feel like social media has given us this unrealistic need to measure how much of our year has been successful. I’m not here to be a bum but this time, I want to express how much I’ve been blessed this year. I’ve been blessed with the ability to pursue a masters’, blessed with a family, a roof over my head, a bed for me to lie on at the end of every day, food to eat, new friends, reconciliations, and simple […]

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…is now where I’m going to start and end my daily routines. If grasping a new rhythm in Jakarta was one thing, I’m now adjusting to a new one back in Bogor. Nevertheless, I’m feeling quite blessed beyond measure right now because, at the end of the day, I get to rest under a roof of a house my mother has passionately rebuilt. She’s also adjusting to a new set of habits right now while happily being away from Jakarta’s migraine-fueling traffic all the way in Alam Sutera, and I do hope that this will refresh us and help us grasp new outlooks on life. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving so far about being back home, and how drastically different it is as opposed to Jakarta’s chaos. 1. Being […]

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Reading for Pleasure during Grad School and Other Tips

Hello everyone from another Friday night here in Jakarta, and I’m writing after a day of class. Today we learned the techniques of note-taking, citing sources and paraphrasing to actually acquire an in-depth understanding of our reading material instead of merely copying words down on the page. There were some brilliant tips, such as using notecards. So, once again I’m declaring that reading for graduate school is an entirely different realm. However, for this post, I’m not going to ramble some more about it. This time, I’m going to ask and try to answer this question the best that I can: “How do I actually set some time aside for actual reading…you know, like, for fun? Any tips?” Now I absolutely adore reading and I have to admit it’s quite the […]

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