Be Okay

All in all, I can say it’s been an inspiring week even with my back against an office chair around 8 hours or so. Between completed work tasks, I’ve been taking the time to read insightful articles and blogs before going to the next one which I’m quite proud of really, and there’s a satisfaction to see all my tasks completed one by one on my bullet journal.

It’s been a week of putting one foot in front of the other; enjoying the walk and knowing that there are better days ahead. Sure, there were bits of frustration flying here and there, but I know I’ll push through. At this moment, I’m feeling like everything is right and I’m right where I need to be, only if I keep my principles strong and steady.

Anyways, see that man on the right? It’s all a blur but he was walking with a plastic bag and a handful of what seemed like plastic mason jar-like glasses to which I assumed he was selling. This was earlier on tonight when my mother wanted some green coconut water from a nearby stall she saw on the way back from work. Got what I needed, walked back JUST right until it started raining. Nothing hard though, just light showers and all I thought was, “God is good,”. I just hope the man found a place to shield himself from the rain.

These simple occurrences inspire me like nothing else, really. However, I’ve also been reflecting a little.

By no means am I a human without flaw. I give myself a hard time, I forget, I lose touch with people, I forget to say thank you, I scorn, I criticize, I fail – I stand on this Earth bearing all my shortcomings, and acknowledge that life isn’t always so rosy and sweet. Being in Jakarta has kind of intensified that realization. Here I’m taught that I’ll win some, I’ll lose some and I’m okay with it. I know I can’t have everything all at once.