Antipodean Coffee


The first time, it was surprising. The second, exquisite. The third, it was subliminal. it was then I realized how consistency is a requisite for glory. I kid you not.

Antipodean Coffee is nestled somewhere in South Jakarta. When I say “nestled”, it is a considerably small cafe. However the menu, will lead to the questioning of our breakfast habits.

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When you open to wooden-framed glass doors, you are greeted with the overall atmosphere of stuffing one’s face with good food. The red and black walls doesn’t swallow up the place to make us feel cramped and there is a joy in gazing at the menu, neatly scattered in chalk over the black paint as you make your choice. Those choices caters to hearty breakfasts and wholesome lunches. French toast, baked beans, eggs, bacon, croissants – the familiarity comforts you and I do promise that no matter what you end up choosing, I know that there will be no turning back.

The initial realization is the big open kitchen ahead of you and one staff standing, taking and calling out orders with a certain amount of savoir faire. It is all very enjoyable to witness and experience. One would expect conversation to be difficult with all the ringing of utensils along with the hiss of oil and steam that travel through the air. Yet, it becomes such pleasurable frenzy of both chaos and professionalism that is so enjoyable to experience.


My constant order is Pancakes with Butterscotch Sauce adorned with thinly cut bananas. Presentation is always at par. Four spongy pancakes playfully stacked on top of each other. Beside them you will face the winner, a succulent delight that I thought I have been missing out in life, the butterscotch sauce. It made me feel strangely nostalgic despite the fact that I have never had quite a big share of anything butterscotch in my life. The presentation makes me feel like an eager 10 year old on a Sunday morning and there is a sense of envy in wanting to make something just as good, but you really do stuff your face anyway. The pancakes is not the least bit stale with a tendency of dehydrating you like some others, which is likely the cause of over-processed dough. You can feel it on your taste buds that the whatever is on the plate in front of you is made with both precision and love. The butterscotch sauce and its smooth texture is a gratifying harmony of contentment to the cloud-like pancakes.


I always have my café latte when I find myself in Antipodean and I can honestly declare that it is an unforgivingly perfect combination of bitter and tenderness that comes from just the right amount of milk. Strong, full-bodied, you will want to savor it a little longer. Trust me. Another saluted dish is simple waffles with the all-star butterscotch goodness, topped with a rich vanilla ice cream. Once again, you are blown away with how dough is made to be so scrumptious with the simplest condiments.

Up to this day, there is never an ounce of guilt over pleasuring my taste buds at Antipodean because I feel that there is no harm by indulging in a memorable culinary experience. Simple as it can be. If you are ever in Jakarta, do take a pit stop at Antipodean because I want everyone to know.


Antipodean Coffee

Kemang Hero Complex
Jl. Kemang Selatan No. 1
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: +6221 719 2364

Opening hours: 8.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m

Breakfast: Rp. 45k-80k

Lunch: Rp. 55-70

Drinks: Rp. 17-30