A Little Taste of Melbourne: St. Ali Jakarta


Across my office, one café stood out to me from its wide open space and the people that would come bustling in and out. Turns out, it is called “St. Ali”, a Melbourne-based cafeé, and is now making another home in Jakarta. After doing some research, it is concluded that St. Ali is a well-loved cafe and roaster back in the city with a very prominent coffee culture, so to speak.

It would be closed every time I would finish work, and one morning I had a little bit of time so I took the chance and paid a visit. Placed in a semi-outdoor setting, St. Ali provides a casual, minimalistic atmosphere perfect for either having a chat or a simple business meeting. Coming up to the counter, the server was quite friendly and will wait patiently as you reviewed the menu. The rest of them looked focused and seemed to be really enjoying their job which is always refreshing to see. However, some seemed a little bit distracted by going on their phone once in a while.

For a first impression, I could choose black coffee to check their praised quality and consistency. It could be Long black, Americano, whatever pleases your tongue. But still being a newbie in this upcoming lifestyle, I ordered what I assumed is the most popular espresso-based drink in the market: the Café Latte. A latte that pleases my heart is a creamy texture that glides across your tongue, with just the right amount of kick in the back. Considering five star reviews of St. Ali, I was definitely eager to try. Service was exceptionally quick, and when the latte appeared in front of me, it really felt like the perfect time to dive in before another long day behind the desk.

Maybe there were too much expectations but the latte turned out quite watery and was not hot enough give one that boost. One might say, “what would you expect from a latte? It’s supposed to be milky.” But you would certainly not find a watery texture of a latte to make perfect sense.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to try from St. Ali and it would not hurt to keep an open mind.

St. Ali 

Setiabudi One, Jakarta Selatan

Latte: 38 k