A Little Talk on Style

IMG_2824 Normally I do not always fuss about my personal style as I always go what fits my mood that day. But over the years, especially towards the end of university I have developed a preference for both earthy and cool colors like brown, cream, blue and white. Loose blouses, dress shirts, rolled up jeans and loafers are pretty much my coat of arms.

This is a perfect example of what I prefer because of how effortless it is. Effortless means you have one less matter to think about in the morning. Anyways, I think I might adopt this way of clothing myself for the long run and when shopping, I really love to find timeless pieces for me to keep or mix and match. Especially in the world of fast-fashion where it is much easier to buy items out of impulse or “peer pressure”.

I once watched a documentary called The True Cost  which exposes real details of the fast-fashion industries and the lives that get deeply affected by them. What I watched and the anger it inflicted on me gave the inspiration to really think ethically about the clothes I purchase.

Anyway, I have never exclusively talked about fashion before but maybe from this point on, I will. Why? Because our clothes do one way or another reflect who we are. Right? Not only that, I have discovered a blog that is is giving me major inspiration to talk more about simplicity, in fashion so let’s stay tuned for that.