Simplicity Never Dies

I think by now you all know that I love simplicity and that it is the ultimate sophistication. That is hands down true, and that’s a principle I will strongly stand for. So is this dish. It’s made by my mother and I have known its incredible taste since as long as I can remember. I call it, Mom’s Spicy PokPok Chicken where the PokPok resembles something that’s coated with flour and then fried to absolute goodness.

So I asked her a few questions and turns out that when I was small, my mother gave me food with a lot of flour coated milk, which supports the statement You are what you eat.  Anywho, the ingredients to cook the chicken fillets (that you must cut into considerably small pieces) that have already been marinated with minced garlic and the little secret to the tastiness of the dish: fish sauce. More ingredients are shallots and of course, chilli. As an Indonesian, we hold chilli close to our hearts and everyday menu because there’s just more of an excitement as I eat. To top it all of, beautifully steaming rice that pulsates life to your eyes.

So there you go! To conclude this simple post, talking about a simple dish, it turns out the simplest ingredients make up fantastic dishes. To be frank, they can match up or maybe even beat sophisticated gourmet dishes in high-end restaurants. So, if we take time to not underestimate simplicity, little moments of our lives will be that much brighter. Thanks for this dish, Mom. The recipe will be carried on definitely, absolutely, for sure.