Quaint – /kwānt/ : attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

So, I was craving for some bubble milk tea the other day so I went to a kiosk that sells one of the best. After that, I went back and passed by a road with a lot, a lot of vintage Dutch-style houses. One really caught my eye and I just had to stop by and take a picture of one. If you look at the picture? C’est magnifique. How could you not stop and admire its simplicity? You could see the wear of it on the walls, but it’s got a charming front yard, dainty gates with vines swirling around them and a front porch that makes you just want to sit and have tea conversations in. If you look at it a little bit more, does it look like a pleasant house somewhere in the Europe or England countryside?

After being in Jogja for a while, I have to say that there are a big amount of these charming houses that are scattered, including my campus. It’s just so delightful to see these houses still intact and loved by people even though minimalist and modern designs of architecture are shooting up and much definitely preferred by the up-and-coming society here in Indonesia. But personally, I find these houses more pleasing and it gives you a feeling of longing, that you just want to come home to it after a long day.

So let’s take a moment to revel in the simple beauty of this house. It looks empty, I do hope someone will see the beauty in it too and salvage it.